Products structure for high net worth clients.


IIAP products are designed to meet the needs of high worth, tax paying clients based principally in the UK – with an initial investment premium of £250,000. These products provide an investment which aims to produces a regular income stream – designed to allow the underlying capital in the investment to be bequeathed or gifted, potentially free of inheritance tax. Our policies are also available to pension scheme trustee investors.

Flexible tax planning – structured under Guernsey legislation.


IIAP products may form part of financial planning and wealth management strategies. They are uniquely structured to provide tax efficient structures, by combining flexible purchased life annuity policies within protected cell company structures. The protected cell company regime has been in operation since 1997 and is utilised by institutional investors worldwide, and is regulated by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission (GFSC). These protected cells hold individual investments, limiting liability to ensure that risk is limited to the premium invested*.



Structured to the specific needs of investors.


IIAP products can be structured to meet specific needs, including factors like the type of contract, size and frequency of payments, the term over which they are made and the flexibility to accommodate changes in circumstances. Policy contracts have two key components: a regular payment and a guaranteed term payment, either at the end of the contract period, the end of any specified fixed term, or the demise of the assured life(s).